Gene inspects one of his favorite menu for his display.

In the spring of 2017, I was asked to put together a display of many of my menus, called Art on the Menu, for the Tehachapi Museum. Read more about the display at The Tehachapi News.

Art on the Menu

This Portfolio is a sampling of a few of my favorite menus. I began creating restaurant menus early in my professional art career. In 1985, I became the art director and general manager of Orange County Menu Printers, in Orange CA. The company produced menus and wine lists for restaurants and cafes across the country. I had typesetters, graphic artists and a full print shop of 30+ employees, including three outside salespeople under my management. In the fall of 1987, I started my own menu company that catered to the High End hospitality and restaurant business. I personally design and generated all the art for all the menus in this collection.


Menus Designed by Gene Stirm