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Welcome to my Website

This website is about my life’s work as an Artist. It’s an eclectic collection of art in many mediums from oil paintings and watercolors to sculpting, printmaking, photography, lapidary, sculpting and ceramics. My professional art career has spanned more than fifty years with no end in sight. With that said, in 2019 my life took a major new direction.

A New Life in Tucson Arizona

My New Studio in Tucson

After 74 years of living in California, I am now in Tucson, Arizona. The change began at the start of 2019. My wife Patricia had a major stroke in January and passed away just days before our 48-wedding anniversary. The plan was that I would sell our estate and move to Germany and live with our daughter. The transition started out smoothly with a quick sale of our home and my studio, including vehicles and all my art supplies. I arrived in Germany at the beginning of spring to make a new life. However, the faith had a different plan. It was soon obvious that our best laid wouldn’t work. When I realized that my staying in Germany for a number of reasons was not feasible, I didn’t know what to do. Then, over dinner with my brother Chuck Stirm, in a café in Nuremberg, he suggested I came and live with him in Tucson. Newly single himself and traveling eight-month a year for business, he said his home in the Catalina Foothill would be a perfect place for an artist like me.
So, on the night of July 13, 2019, in the middle of a thunderstorm arrive in Tucson, Arizona. I was able to set up my new studio and begin work quickly. Accustom to high desert living in Tehachapi, I found my new home in Tucson a very good fit.


My portfolio is a collection of menus that represents a part my professional career.
Painting by Gene Stirm
Oil on Canvas 18 x 24
The Gallery is a collection of my artworks, past and present.
The Script Cover
The Library contains my current in-print books that are available online.